Manganese is mined in Mansa in Luapula province of Zambia for use in the manufacture of battery cells. Numerous small deposits are known to occur throughout the country. The mineralisation appears to be confined to shear zones in acidic rocks. In 2021, the total global reserves of manganese were estimated at around 1.5 billion metric tons, a nearly three-fold increase compared to 2010. Zambia has some adequate manganese reserves worldwide by far and manganese being an essential element to iron and steel production, it is one of the key building blocks for the modern industrial economy.


Mumbwa copper ‐gold mineralization is associated with large scale and highly variable magmatic hydrothermal iron-oxide breccia complex. Katanga sequence underlies the area with a peripheral granite intruded the Katanga sediments during tectonic activity. Zambia has proven to be quite adequate in terms of economic gold deposits.


Substantial resources of iron ores are found in this region in excess of 500Mt and these can be broadly classified as sedimentary type and a pyro-metasomatic type based on the chemical composition and geology. This can prove to be a boon for the iron and steel industry in the country.


Base metals are relatively common in the earth’s crust, and less expensive and easier to mine than precious metals. However, while the prices of, say, copper and nickel, are lower than silver and gold, base metals play an extremely important role in the world economy due to their many industrial applications. Copper is utilized in so many industries, such as construction, transportation, and telecommunications, it has become a leading indicator of economic growth.


The copper‐cobalt mineralization is embedded in the Neo Proterozoic rocks of the Katanga Supergroup. Copper resources have also been found in the thrust zones of North-Western Zambia which represents zones of detachment between the Basement and Katanga sequence. Copper production outside the Copperbelt, mostly within the Katanga succession has come from Kansanshi, Lumwana and Mkushi. The area around Mkushi has some disseminated copper mineralization in the granites.
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